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Happy Spring!


Wednesday, April 8th, 7:00pm
Mukilteo YMCA Club Room

You are invited to come visit with neighbors, ask questions, review budget and vote in new board members. Save a stamp and bring your ballot and dues slip. Hope to see you there!

Windandtide Board Open Positions

Interested in Volunteering?

There are still three open positions on the Windandtide Board. We especially need a Treasurer! If you are interested in volunteering or have questions about it, please email Randy Russell or Debra Warden at windandtideboard@gmail.com


Wildlife Sightings

Neighbors have mentioned seeing coyotes and cougars right here in Windandtide. Recently, several dogs and cats have fallen victim to coyotes so you may want to keep your small animals indoors, especially during hunting hours, dusk to dawn. If you witness an animal that you think may cause harm, a number to call is the PAWS Wildlife Center at (425) 787-2500.

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Meetings and Events

W&T Board Meeting
Thursday, April 2nd
7:00pm in the Mukilteo YMCA Club Room

All residents are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, April 8th
7:00pm in the Mukilteo YMCA Club Room

All residents are encouraged to attend.


Did you know?

At latest count, there are 111 dogs that reside in Windandtide!
Lucky Dogs!!!

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